Amazing Arthropods, Another Successful Event!

Another successful Amazing Arthropod event took place on May 20th in partnership with Merriam Powell Center for Environmental Research.

In a packed room on Saturday morning families were able to learn, up close and in person, all about insects and arachnids. How many legs do true insects have? how many species of bees are there in the world, in AZ, around the San Fransisco Peaks? and what do cockroaches eat, were just some of questions answered by Lindsie, Paige, Mary and other knowledgeable entomologists and experts.

Throughout the talk participants got to see LIVE insects including Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and different species of spiders and scorpions. At the end of the talk participants went outside to catch their own insects using nets and special containers.

Hard to pin point the highlight of the day, but we are sure the kids enjoyed seeing their parent’s faces when the cockroaches came out, or when the tarantula didn’t want to go back into her box. But running around outside catching their own butterflies must be a close second.

Thanks to the Arizona Community Foundation Of Flagstaff for supporting this event.