Kestrel Chronicles

We are excited to partner with International Raptor & Falconry Center and follow the life and developments of a baby American Kestrel.


HATCH DAY! June 7, 2017. At birth, the bird only weighed a whopping 10g, which is only a third of an ounce!



First time on the scale and weighing only 10g

At only one-day-old, the bird has no idea how important their life purpose truly is; to educate the public about American Kestrels and the conservation issues they face. American Kestrels are declining in their North American range and the reasons are unknown. They are North America’s smallest falcons and have to employ big strategies to survive.



The new Kestrel will be debuting in their very first education program at Willow Bend Center on August 19th. The bird has a lot of growing and learning to do so, please follow along!