Willow Bend Center Field Trips

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Willow Bend Tour (Grade: Middle and High School; 1 hour)

Bring your class to explore the interactive exhibits in Willow Bend’s Discovery Room, focusing on sustainable building design. Students will be introduced to passive solar design, native gardens, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and simple ways to lessen our impact on the Earth.

Natural Senses Field Trip (Grade: Kindergarten; 1 hour)

This field trip helps younger students learn about nature through their senses! Through a hike and various games, students will learn about colors, shapes, textures, scents, and more in nature!

Incredible Insects (Grade: 1st; 1-2 hours)

Explore the amazing world of our local insects through hands-on exploration of the Willow Bend gardens, sensory games, and recycled art!

Wacky Weather Field Trip (Grade: 2nd; 1-2 hours)

Learning about weather by being outside is only natural at Willow Bend. Students will hike into Sinclair Wash and explore weather through a variety of activities and games!