11.31.21 Education in Adventuring

May be an image of one or more people, nature, mountain and treeField trips filled our October including Flagstaff Junior Academy’s 3rd and 4th graders going on to Picture Canyon, Kinsey 2nd graders at the pond, and NAU elementary Early Ed. students visiting the Center.

With support from the Arizona Community Foundation, the Flagstaff Sustainability Program, and the Azulita Project we replaced the recycling bins at Marshall Elementary and visited Kinsey Elementary to learn about problems associated with waste, discuss solutions, and conduct a waste audit! Finally, Melissa went on maternity leave, and soon after hadMay be an image of 2 people, people standing, tree and outdoors little Baby George! Congratulations Melissa and family.

November brought more adventuring at Picture Canyon with Puente 3rd graders. We transitioned to bringing the education right to our center with many workshops such as our adult workshop: Wine and Mead Making for Beginners. Puente 2nd graders came to visit the center to learn about insects and to explore our gardens with the help of the Biodiversity Outreach Network.

October and November reminded us that we can have fun while learning as we explore our surroundings!

(Blog post written by Camryn McMahon)