8.24.19 Annual Celebration Waste Report

Being an environmental center we do our very best to walk the walk not just talk the talk. This holds true not only to our programs, but to events as well. This year for our Annual Celebration we were excited to partner with Parxis Waste Solutions. 

Events, as enjoyable as they are, tend to produce a lot of waste. We already apply many aspects of the zero waste philosophy by using reusable plates and cups (from Friends of Flagstaff’s Future), composting, and recycling. However, this year the Parxis team took it to a new level. By physically setting up a waste collection station, they added an important educational piece to our waste reduction efforts and did a great job targeting the areas we overlooked.

After collecting, sorting, and weighing our waste Praxis created a waste diversion chart for us. This kind of information is very helpful. We can now assess what is working well and where we can improve.

If you have an event coming up we HIGHLY recommend working with Praxis to reduce and divert as much waste as possible and educate participants about waste solutions and options.

Below if our waste diversion information, or “score sheet”. We did pretty well 95.2% of waste diverted!