AZ KidWind Challenge 2021

What is the KidWind Challenge?

The KidWind Challenge is a hands-on design competition that engages students in STEM through the lens of wind energy. Student teams design and construct small wind turbines that they test, and then virtually present their design process and demonstrate their conceptual knowledge on renewable energy.

The KidWind Challenge is a team effort by teachers, students, engineers, and practitioners, all working to make wind energy education and other renewable energy education accessible in classrooms around the world

Who Can Participate?

Any group of students in 4th-12th grade is eligible to enter a Team in the Arizona KidWind Challenge. Teams can include students from public and private schools, home schoolers, after school clubs, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, etc. As long as you have an adult coach, you can participate! Each Team can have 2-5 students, and the Team must have an adult mentor. The mentor will be responsible for registering the team for the competition and managing the team’s progress.

How to Participate

☐ Find a mentor and form a team
☐  Register your team here to have a turbine-building gear kit mailed to you
☐ Send your mentor to a virtual workshop! (Optional, but very helpful!)
☐ Explore student turbines on the Online Challenge
☐ Learn about the basic parts of a wind turbine
☐ Build a turbine with your mailed gear!
☐ Test and improve your turbine, over and over
Collect some data about your turbine 
☐ Submit your project to our Arizona Online Challenge
☐ You did it, congratulations!

Submission Timeline
You can submit your project to our database anytime from January 1st-May 1st, 2021. All submissions will get an award letter and will be entered to win prizes like gift cards, t-shirts, and other fun items!

What’s in the turbine building kit?

  • A PVC Tower
  • Alligator Clips
  • Multimeter
  • Wooden Dowels
  • Hub
  • Generator with wires

Blades are not included. Students are encouraged to design their own blades! You can try cardboard, plastic bottles, paper plates. It’s up to you and part of the design process!

You can build your own tower or tweak the design as you see fit. The only required item to participate in the challenge is the provided generator.


Kidwind Project Teacher Trainings

Are you an Arizona educator thinking about doing the AZ KidWind Challenge 2021 with your classroom or club, but don’t know where to start? KidWind Project has an upcoming (virtual) Teacher Training on March 20th, where you can learn the foundations of wind power including the science and technology of wind turbines and blade design. You will receive a certificate of completion for 6 clock hours at the end of this training. Willow Bend has scholarships for 6th-12th educators that would reduce the cost to $15 (normal cost is $150). Please  e-mail if you are interested in this opportunity.


We are here to help, every step of the way! Check out the KidWind Challenge Rulebook or e-mail with any questions.