Back West Celebration of Stone Balancing

Flagstaff Arts Council and Willow Bend Environmental Center are pleased to announce the Annual Back West Celebration of Stone Balancing. The art of stone balancing involves working with different stones and their surface to get them to balance on one another in intriguing ways. Back West Celebration of Stone Balancing is a three day event, taking place between Sep 21st-23rd,  with demonstrations from experienced stone balancers as well as opportunities for the general public to observe, learn, and participate.

This year’s celebration will kick-off with a meet and greet, short demonstrations, and reception outside Criollo on Friday, Sep 21st from 3-6pm. Then, on Saturday, Sep 22nd from 9am-4pm, Willow Bend will host an educational presentation followed by ongoing Stone Balance artist demonstrations and hands on activities for the community.  A Stone Balancing art exhibition with painting and photography from multiple artists is featured in the center and the closing reception for the exhibit will take place from 2-4pm with live music and catered refreshments. The community event is free and open to the public.

On Sunday, Sep 23rd from 9am-12pm the Coconino Center for the Arts will host a workshop for those wanting to learn more.  The workshop will include a video presentation by Michael Grab, a discussion on the aesthetics of Stone Balancing and the place and time for stone balances in nature by local artist and landscape designer, Pieter Schaafsma, and demonstrations of different stone balancing techniques by four expert stone balancing artists, Simone Campisano, Peter Juhl, Bob Bernal and Douglass Case. Following the theater presentations, participants will have the opportunity to go outside for hands on learning and practice, based on the styles and techniques learned from the experts.  Workshop registration fee is $25/participant or $15 for Flagstaff Arts Council and Willow Bend Members and for students. Register online and secure your spot!