First Grade


Spider free icon 2Amazing Arachnids

An introduction to the amazing arachnid family.



worm-icon_055899_256Exploring Earthworms

By looking at real, live earthworms, students will learn more about these amazing animals and their role in composting.



paper-icon_004299_128From Trees to Paper

Through storytelling and hands-on activities, students will learn the importance of trees, how they become paper, and why it is so important to recycle. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Recycling Center Tour.”



icon_040289_128Incredible Insects

Students learn the life cycle and body parts of these fascinating creatures through song and insect exploration. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Incredible Insects Field Trip”



2eb8bd-owl-128Midnight Hunters: Owls

Through hands-on activities and props, students will learn the importance of these hunters as well as their unique body adaptations for catching prey. Be aware of  cultural conflicts.



2eb8bd-recycle-sign-12Recycling Rules!

Students explore why recycling is so important and understand the basic rules of recycling in Flagstaff. Supported by the City of Flagstaff. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Recycling Center Tour”