Through posters and stories, students will learn how bats are like people! Be aware of potential Native American cultural conflicts.

Exploring Earthworms

By looking at real, live earthworms, students will learn more about these amazing animals and their role in composting. Suggested: can be part of the Waste Reduction Strategies Program

Forest Friends

Students are introduced to the diversity of our Flagstaff forest ecosystems through forest artifact exploration.

From Trees to Paper

Through storytelling and hands-on activities, students will learn the importance of trees, how they become paper, and why it is so important to recycle. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Recycling Center Tour”

Life in a Dead Tree

Students are introduced to the importance of snags (standing dead trees) for animals in the forest through a story and visual exploration.

Waste Reduction Strategies

A three part program exploring waste and waste reduction solutions. See special projects for more information. Supported by the Azulita Project and the City of Flagstaff.  Suggested: add a field trip: “Recycling Center Tour”


Seasons of Trees

Explore the life cycle of Flagstaff trees through a story, song, and guided imagery.

Seeds on the Move

Through a story and real examples, students will learn how seeds are dispersed.

Tadpoles to Frogs

An introduction to metamorphosis and Arizona frogs and toads. Students may even get the opportunity to turn into frogs through guided imagery!