Third Grade

2eb8bd-grass-128Alien Plant Invaders

Alien plants are invading Coconino County! Learn to identify some of our common exotic species and understand why land managers are so concerned with this “growing” problem.



icon_013359_128Downtown Flagstaff Geology

Discover the history and geology of downtown Flagstaff with a focus on historic buildings made from local rock (basalt, limestone, sandstone, and dacite). Suggested follow-up field trip: “Downtown Flagstaff Geology.”



volcanoErupting Earth

Take a look at different types of volcanoes with an emphasis on northern Arizona and the San Francisco Peaks Volcanic Field.



2eb8bd-flower-128Plant Power!

Students will learn to use a basic dichotomous key, cultivate basic plant identification skills, and discover the traditional uses of eight local plant species.




stone-pileRock Talk

An introduction to igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, including examples from northern Arizona. This program includes a hands-on collection of rocks and a very interactive game!



2eb8bd-recycle-sign-12Trash and the Three Rs

Students learn how to reduce waste, reuse materials, and recycle in Flagstaff. Supported by the City of Flagstaff. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Recycling Center Tour.”