Middle and High School Programs

Middle and High School programs provide students with skills, engaging and thought provoking ideas, and hands on opportunities to learn about our local environment, find creative solutions to environmental problems, and focus on key environmental issues and concepts. In addition to the programs listed below, we may be able to adapt other grade level programs to meet your needs.  For an extra cost we are also able to develop alternative programs specifically for your class or school.

Middle and high school programs typically run around 50 minutes to an hour (unless otherwise noted or requested).

Call or e-mail Cassandra (928-779-1745) to schedule a date and time for your program.

Programs Offered

200px-LBC_Evolution_iconAdapt to Survive

Students will understand the roles of natural selection and adaptation in evolution.




2eb8bd-grass-128Alien Plant Invaders

Learn what invasive plants look like and why land managers are concerned with this problem.




icon_013359_128Downtown Flagstaff Geology

Discover the history and geology of downtown Flagstaff with a focus on historic buildings made of local stone. Suggested Follow-up field trip: “Downtown Flagstaff Geology.”



volcanoErupting Earth

Look at different types of volcanoes with an emphasis on northern Arizona. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Sunset Crater Volcano Tour”.



populationEverybody Counts

This introduction to population dynamics focuses on doubling and exponential growth.




fireFire Ecology

Are forest fires always a bad thing? We’ll take a look at the role of fire in our ponderosa pine ecosystem and how land managers use fire to maintain and create wildlife habitat. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Fire Ecology Field Trip”



icon_054639_256Food and Fossil Fuels

In this timely and provocative program, students explore the often unexplored world of fossil fuel use in food production.




geneGMOs and Us

Students discover the pros, cons, and effects of gene modification on foods.




canyonGrand Canyon Geology

Explore history through the layers of the Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon formation!




icon_054889_128Groundwater in Flagstaff

Exploring Flagstaff’s water through a Project WET groundwater model and activities.




shovel-recycle-sign-12Living within your Climate: From Pueblo Times to Modern Times

Sustainable living isn’t a new idea! Learn about sustainability through archaeology, focusing on northern Arizona.



canyonPeople of the Grand Canyon

Get a picture of people’s activities in the Grand Canyon throughout history.




icon_007139_128Rainwater Harvesting

Water conservation and harvesting in Flagstaff. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Willow Bend Tour”




icon_036999_128Secret Life of a Plastic Bag

Learn the life cycle of a plastic bag and the effects these everyday items have on our planet.




icon_025069_128Secret Life of a Shoe

Your shoe has been all over the Earth! Learn how we can impact the earth through consumer choices.




2eb8bd-fog-night-128Starry Skies

Understand how the Earth’s rotation and revolution affect the stars we see throughout the year.




2eb8bd-recycle-sign-12Trash and the Three Rs

The 3 Rs in Flagstaff. Supported by the City of Flagstaff. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Recycling Center Tour”




icon_054879_128Water Quality

Students will learn the basics of water quality testing. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Water Quality Field Trip”