Field Trips Around Flagstaff

Also see Willow Bend Field Trips and Field Trips to Your School.
Recycling Center (Grades: All; 1 hour)

Join Willow Bend on a behind-the-scenes tour of the City recycling center! Students will learn about resource conservation and the 3Rs as they view materials being processed. Thanks to the City of Flagstaff, fee reductions may be available. Tours can be scheduled year-round, Monday through Friday from 9:00am-3:00pm.

Downtown Geology Field Trip (Grades: 3rd and up; 1.5 hours)

Discover the history and geology of downtown Flagstaff on a one-mile walk focused on historic buildings made from local rock. Optional pre-trip visit: “Downtown Flagstaff Geology” classroom program (additional cost).

Water Quality Field Trip (Grades: 4th, Middle and High School; 2 hours)

Students will conduct pH, DO, and other water quality tests at the Rio de Flag I-40 Wetlands or Frances Short Pond to learn about watershed management and assessment. There may also be an opportunity for macro-invertebrate testing (pond dipping!).

Frances Short Pond Field Trip (Grades: All; 1-2 hours)

We’ll adapt the program to suit your grade level.  Options include learning about habitats and biodiversity, water quality, watershed management and assessment, or Bioblitz-style activities documenting species found at the pond.

Picture Canyon Field Trip (Grades: 3rd and up; 4 hours)

Take a special tour of Picture Canyon Natural and Cultural Preserve with Willow Bend.  An almost three-mile hike will be guided by Willow Bend and include age-appropriate activities and learning as we explore the waterfall, the petroglyphs, the forest ecosystem, and the impact of community involvement at Picture Canyon.