The Willow Bend Gardens

The Willow Bend Environmental Education Center is situated in Elizabeth "Liz" C. Archuleta County Park, a multicultural art and nature park. The Habitat Gardens surrounding the Center are maintained by volunteers for the Coconino County Parks and Recreation Department.
Willow Bend is named for the bend in Sinclair Wash below the park, where willow trees grow. Three habitats converge here: riparian (streamside), ponderosa forest, and rocky slope. The mingling of these habitats makes this area especially rich in its diversity of plants and animals. For this reason, Willow Bend is a designated Arizona Watchable Wildlife Experience!
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Willow Bend Gardens Yearly Reports

Reports written by Susan Lamb, Garden Volunteer Coordinator/Friends of the Willow Bend Gardens

2022 Accomplishments Report

2021 Accomplishments Report

2020 Accomplishments Report

2019 Accomplishments Report

2018 Accomplishments Report