Sponsorship Opprtunities

Willow Bend is Flagstaff and Coconino County’s only year-round full time environmental education center. With ever decreasing funding for education we depend on businesses partners like you, who value and understand the importance of investing in our children and our environment through ongoing, science based, outdoor environmental education. With support from our business community, Willow Bend can provide classroom education, field trips, teacher workshops, and community events to Northern Arizona residents and visitors.  Willow Bend is an ideal venue for educational outreach because we reach over 17,000 students, community members, and visitors a year!

Below is a breakdown of business partner levels:

Juniper Level $500-$999/Year (Supporter)

  • Add your logo to our website under Program Partners (visited by approximately 5400 people per year)
  • Recognition in our annual report (available on our website, at our Center, and distributed to City, County, and state leadership as well as major donors)
  • Appreciation Party invitation and honorable mention at party

Aspen Level $1,000-$1,999/Year (Sustaining)

All of the above, Plus:

  • Quarterly recognition on Facebook (over 800 likes and an average 2,000+ weekly reach)
  • Quarterly recognition on E-newsletter (1,800 reach)
  • Add your logo to the Discovery Room program partners board (visited by over 3,500/year)

Ponderosa Level $2,000-$2,999/Year (Sponsor)

All of the above, Plus:

  • Link to your website from our Partners Page
  • Add your logo to parent outreach materials (taken home by every child we teach)
  • Send out a press release about the program and our partnership

Oak Level $3,000-$4,999/Year (Champion)

All of the above, plus:

  • An advertised thank you from Willow Bend announced on KNAU
  • Post a full article about our partnership on our website’s News section
  • Add your logo at the end of our 2 minute Willow Bend promotional film

Willow Level $5,000 and above/Year (Champion)

All of the above, plus:

Logos on our “Bug” (Willow Bend’s unique bright yellow Volkswagen vehicle)

To become a business partner please contact our Executive Director Moran Henn at moran@willowbendcenter.org, (928) 779 1745.