Fourth Grade

howling-coyote-clip-art-clipartCoyote Tales

Learn more about the natural history of this very adaptable animal through Native American coyote tales. Out of respect for Native American traditions, this program is only available from November through March.



fireFire Ecology

Are forest fires always a bad thing? We’ll look at the role of fire in our Ponderosa pine ecosystem and how land managers use fire to maintain and create wildlife habitat. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Fire Ecology Field Trip”



canyonGrand Canyon Geology (1 hour)

Explore the layers of the Grand Canyon, how the Canyon was formed, and why it is such a unique treasure.



icon_054879_128Groundwater in Flagstaff (1 hour)

This program uses a groundwater model to help students understand where Flagstaff water comes from and how we use it.



Petroglyph_128pxImages on Stone

Through pictures of local rock art sites, students will learn the importance of native rock art and even make their own petroglyph!



shovel-recycle-sign-12Living within your Climate: From Pueblo Times to Modern Times

Sustainable living isn’t a new idea! Learn about sustainability through archaeology, focusing on northern Arizona. Suggested follow-up field trip: Wupatki or Walnut Canyon National Monuments.



condor-purchasedMystery Animal

Students will learn how the California condor has come back from the brink of extinction and is once again wild in Coconino County. Keep the identity of this Mystery Animal secret from your students.



canyonPeople of the Grand Canyon

Through a timeline and game, students explore people’s activities in the Grand Canyon throughout history.




2eb8bd-recycle-sign-12Trash and the Three Rs

Students learn how to reduce waste, reuse materials, and recycle in Flagstaff. Supported by the City of Flagstaff. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Recycling Center Tour”



icon_054889_128Water Quality

Students will learn the basics of water quality testing, focusing primarily on pH testing. Suggested follow-up field trip: “Water Quality Field Trip.”