5/28/18 Volunteer Weekend at Willow Bend

Wow, what a weekend.

Almost a hundred volunteers helped at the Willow Bend gardens on Memorial Day weekend.

On Saturday, volunteers focused on enhancing wildlife habitat by adding pollinator plants, bird feeders, and bat boxes. Volunteers from American Conservation Experience, bird lovers, and members from the Friends of the Willow Bend Gardens worked for over 3 hours making and placing beautiful bird feeders, butterfly puddlers, and at houses. They trimmed the willows by the pond, and planted milkweed and other pollinator friendly plants.






Then, on Sunday, volunteers from Sathya Sai International Organization who were attending their annual meeting at NAU, prepared the gardens for the summer. They removed invasive plants, took out old signs, turned the soil, planted, and collected litter along the trail and the gardens.

Special thanks to the Friends of the Willow Bend Gardens volunteer group for organizing these efforts!