Early April garden report

IMG_0554Greetings! While I have spent the last few months doing garden planning and staring outside wishing for spring, the time is finally here to get going on our garden. In the last two weeks we added a hefty layer of aged manure to the beds, turned the soil, weeded, and then spread a final layer of mulch. Located on the east side of Willow Bend, the beds are very warm and sunny, but the soil quality is quite sandy and nutrient poor. I’m determined to give the youth I’m working with an experience of harvesting by May, which is a push in Flagstaff’s climate, so we’ll be doing everything we can to set the plants up for successful growing.

IMG_0557Right now if you stop by, I encourage you to look for rosy colored beet seedlings outside, although I fear those may soon succumb to the hungry jaws of freshly hatched grasshoppers that abound in the meadow landscape of Sawmill Park. IMG_0563You can also check out the tray of seed starts that are warming outside on the south side of the building. Right now there are tomatoes, peppers, kale, chard, and arugula sprouting.

If you find the strawberry bed, you might even be able to find the first white flowers of future berries.

Gardening is possible in Flagstaff; check back in to see it in action!