Lomi Loanie – Food Waste Reduction Check Out Program

Though generous funds from the AZ Community Foundation of Flagstaff, and in partnership with The Azulita Project we are launching the Lomi Composter Check-Out Program.

The Lomi Composter is a small-scale electric composting unit that reduces the volume of food scraps, bioplastics, paper products, houseplant trimmings, and even small amounts of yard waste. It is the size of a small cooler and can sit anywhere in a classroom or community space. It transforms food waste into valuable compost within hours! Specifically, Lomi speeds up the breakdown of organic waste into smaller fragments – resulting in less waste and soil rich in nutrients.

The Lomi Composter check out kit can be part of our Waste Reduction Program. Or it can be used independently in a multitude of classes including science, math, engineering, social studies or other programs. Students can calculate volume, weight, and impact of waste reduction, learn about cutting edge technology or discuss the role of technology in fixing some of the world’s problems.

You can read more about the Lomi Composter on the Pela-Earth website.

How the check-out program works:

  • The program is FREE thanks to support from the AZ Community Foundation of Flagstaff and the Azulita Project
  • First come first serve basis. Currently only available for schools and community programs.
  • You can check the Lomi Composter for a week at a time, up to three weeks per semester.
  • Pick up and return Lomi at Willow Bend Environmental Education Center.
  • During pick up you will receive a quick tutorial on how to use the Lomi in your classroom or program.
  • Should Lomi break or have technical issues, please return to Willow Bend immediately.
  • Contact Moran Henn, moran@willowbendcenter.org (928) 779-1745 to learn more or to schedule pickup.