Media Links

Willow Bend has been featured in local as well as state wide media outlets. Below are highlight links to stories in the paper, video clips and press releases about Willow Bend, our programs, and events.


June, Gallery: Flagstaff Geology Tour, AZ Daily Sun

January, Flagstaff Trailheads: Looking back on the history of Willow Bend, AZ Daily Sun

Annual fourth grade contest seeks to improve water conservation, AZ Daily Sun


December, Organization of the year: Willow Bend to celebrate 40 years, AZ Daily Sun

August, BLE Flagstaff bestows big check to Willow Bend, AZ Daily Sun

April, Downtown Geology Promo, YouTube

January, Annual Eagle Celebration, AZ Daily Sun


September, Sustainable Building Tour, NAZ Today

October, Outdoor Classroom Dedication at Frances Short Pond, NAZ Today

November, Make a Difference Day, AZ Daily Sun

December, Ribbon of Life: Short Film About the Rio de Flag, Friends of the Rio de Flag


October, Bioblitz Draws Hundreds to Frances Short Pond, AZ Daily Sun

November, Science Saturday at Willow Bend, NAZ Today

November, BioBug Vandalized, AZ Daily Sun

November, BioBug Vandalized, NAZ Today

September, Bioblitz at Frances Short Pond, Willow Bend

July, Saving Flagstaff’s Pond, AZ Daily Sun

April, Conservation Through Education, the Lumber Jack

January, Eagle Celebration, 4 Flag TV


October, Make a Difference Day, Frances Short Pond

November, Willow Bend

February, 4th Annual Bald Eagle Celebration, The Lumber Jack


February, Bald Eagle Adventures, AZ Game and Fish

August, Summer Saturdays, NAZ Today


March, Passive Solar Design, NAZ Today