02.08.2021 – Meet the NAU Collegiate Wind Competition 2021 Team

CWC Team Member Tore Explaining the KidWind Challenge

The Northern Arizona University’s Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC) 2021 Team has been assisting Willow Bend Center to run our Arizona KidWind Challenge.  Natalie McDonald, CWC Team Member and Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student at NAU, joins us on our blog to tell us more about the team:

Hi! We are Northern Arizona University’s Collegiate Wind Competition 2021 Team. Our goal is to learn more about clean wind energy that allows us to build a more sustainable future and make a positive difference in the world. The Collegiate Wind Competition is providing skills we can use in our careers by teaching our team about the mechanics of building and testing a micro-wind turbine and designing a theoretical 100-MW wind farm to provide clean energy for communities in western South Dakota. Our team is comprised of nine undergraduate mechanical engineering students and five undergraduate electrical engineering students. You can see our team below:

Collegiate Wind Competition 2021 Mechanical Engineering Students



Collegiate Wind Competition 2021 Electrical Engineering Students

We would love to interact with our communities, so you can follow our journey at AeroAXE_NAU on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/aeroaxe_nau/). Feel free to ask us questions on Instagram. Can’t wait to connect with you!


By Natalie McDonald

Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate

Northern Arizona University